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Svetlana Dzuba, the author of the projectAfield (Anchor Field) is a personal women's magazine that concerns women's history, fashion history, psychology, literature, art, etc. It is issued every ten days and is worked out only by me. Unfortunately I can't release English versions alongside with Russian ones. I can only offer you a few materials in English:

The article Don't Pray for Me, Pray for the Tekke! by Wali van der Zwan, Netherlands. It is about the people that made an attempt to make peace between Islam and Christianity, and other religions...

Manufacturing Postfeminism by Susan J. Douglas, In These Times — the article whose Russian translation is here.

The material "Women in Islam and in the Qur'an" is based on three articles from the site of Sufi Women Organization:
The Role of Women in Religion by Dr. Sharon Mijares,
Women in Islam by Seyedeh Dr. Nahid Angha,
Women in the Qur'an by Seyedeh Sahar Kianfar.

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